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About Us

Mission Statement:

Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association (PMTA) promotes the professional and economic growth of the trucking industry and the businesses that support it.

The Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association was organized in 1928. As part of a national integrated network of trucking associations and affiliates, we identify the key issues that impact the trucking industry and fight to preserve and strengthen the trucking industry and its jobs in each of the 67 counties and 2,560 municipalities in Pennsylvania, and with our elected officials in Harrisburg and Washington, D.C. We also provide an array of tangible business services to our members, delivering education and awareness programs, up-to-the-minute industry news and trends, and money saving services.

Primary Functions:

  • To work with the Legislature and regulatory agencies to foster, promote and preserve a strong economic climate for trucking in the Commonwealth.
  • To partner with the enforcement agencies to develop and support safety initiatives that protect the motoring public.
  • To provide a forum for continuing education through seminars, workshops and conferences.
  • To disseminate positive industry information to the press promoting the industry.
  • To be available to our members for personal assistance whenever the need arises.

Chapter Map: 

Chapter Map


Jagtrux Logo

Zack Germak, Jagtrux, Inc.

"We lean very heavily on PMTA for staying up to date on all the regulatory changes and making sure we're current. You used to have to have a weight class sticker. If you didn't have a weight class sticker there was a huge fine. PMTA got that weight class sticker removed. You used to have to have your truck inspected every six months. PMTA got that changed. Just recently they got CARB pushed out to 2027 from 2024. They also stopped bridge tolling. Without PMTA and without someone pushing back we would have tolls on I-83."


Luke Kibby, CNS Companies

"It's quite amazing how organizations like PMTA can speak in the ear of people at the state capitol to change regulations to something we want. Where a trucker might voice that or write a letter to Congress, but that's why organizations like PMTA are so important."



PMTA Member Benefits

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