Mounting safety tech to windshield

March 07, 2022 2:53 PM | John Rigney (Administrator)


Federal Motor Carrier Safety


49 CFR Part 393

[Docket No. FMCSA–2021–0037]

RIN 2126–AC42

Parts and Accessories Necessary for

Safe Operation; Authorized Windshield

Area for the Installation of Vehicle

Safety Technology

AGENCY: Federal Motor Carrier Safety

Administration (FMCSA), Department

of Transportation (DOT).

ACTION: Final rule.


393.60(e)(1)(ii) requires devices with

vehicle safety technologies to be

mounted (1) not more than 100 mm (4

inches) below the upper edge of the area

swept by the windshield wipers, or (2)

not more than 175 mm (7 inches) above

the lower edge of the area swept by the

windshield wipers, and (3) outside the

driver’s sight lines to the road and

highway signs and signals.

The Agency modifies § 393.60(e)(1)(ii)

to increase from 100 mm (4 inches) to

216 mm (8.5 inches) the distance below

the upper edge of the area swept by the

windshield wipers within which

vehicle safety technologies may be

mounted. The Agency also amends

§ 393.5 by revising the definition of

vehicle safety technology to add

technologies that had been granted

temporary exemptions from § 393.60(e).

The amendments do not impose new or

more stringent requirements, but simply

codify the temporary exemptions

granted pursuant to 49 CFR part 381

that allow the use of the devices/

technologies in locations that would

previously have been a violation of

§ 393.60(e)(1). More importantly, the

amendments do not mandate the use of

any devices/technologies, but simply

permit their voluntary use while

mounted in a location that maximizes

their effectiveness without impairing

operational safety.

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