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PMTA Legislative Achievements:

Annual State Inspections for trucks:  ACT 165 which became law on November 04, 2016 amends the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code Title 75 section 4702(B) (7), to no longer require a semiannual safety inspection for motor carrier vehicles with a registered gross weight in excess of 17,000lbs.This change is effective February 02, 2017

102” wide trailers: Passed Senate on 4/16/2018 and House on 5/24/2018 effective date was set for November 10th, 2018.

Post-Accident Drug and Alcohol: Act 153 of 2018 CMV Drug and Alcohol Testing repeal was effective October 24, 2018.

Oversize/Overweight Movement Permits for the Holidays: Movement on roadways during holidays via Pa Code 67 Section 179.10 (7))

PMTA 2019/2020 Legislative Goals:

Snow and Ice Removal – Ensure that our drivers are safe and are not forced to be placed in a hazardous condition by removing snow or ice from the roofs of their trailers

Elimination of Weight Class Stickers

Increase Truck Parking Statewide

Indemnity – reduce claims for damage against trucking companies

Increase Minimum Property Damage Insurance limits for automobiles

Eliminate Annual State Inspection on Commercial Motor Vehicles

Winter Road Restrictions – limiting these road restrictions

Reducing the cost of medical claims after an accident

COVID Limited Liability for Businesses

Fighting against Bridge Tolling

We PROTECT and DEFEND the trucking industry

The Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association maintains a well-respected reputation on Capitol Hill where we serve as the official representative of Pennsylvania's trucking industry. Legislators face thousands of bills each year, and we ensure they understand how those laws affect our industry.

Our political action committee, TruckPAC, allows us to have a greater impact in the political process than one could have by acting alone. TruckPAC evaluates statewide candidates and determines where and when contributions are made to legislators who are sympathetic toward the industry's concerns.

TruckPAC allows PMTA the access necessary to promote, defeat and alter laws that impact your business and builds government contacts that permit us to protect and defend the industry.

To make a contribution to PMTA's TruckPAC, call 717-761-7122. All contributions must be personal or partnership checks.

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